Melissa M Taylor

An Outstanding Life Journey

Melissa is a Successful Entrepreneur, and prepared to share her knowledge to help millions of people achieve a better life style.

Melissa has the brains and heart of a successful entrepreneur.

Melissa belongs to a leadership development team that enables her to mentor and coach the teams of leaders she helps to develop, in addition to the business relationship she has with the Mentors Club.

She is a self-starter with the ability to lead and contribute significantly in any setting she is placed in. Melissa possesses over 10 years of business ownership experience, including over 4 years and counting of building a successful MLM Business.

One of her biggest accomplishments is that she will be completing her MBA in June 2017.

Additionally, Melissa has developed networking teams of leaders to do the same and duplicate her process She is very family oriented and focused on the next generation.

A little about her personal background is that Melissa have been with my husband for over 7 years.
They have an amazing 5 year old boy and are currently in the process of adopting.
She loves spending time with her family and traveling with them.
Her hobbies include reading, cooking, and sewing.

Right out of high school Melissa bought her first business, a floral shop. When that adventure came to an end she joined the Military.

Melissa served in the California Army National Guard as a full time Soldier for 8 years that included a deployment overseas and various state missions.

Her second business was a mobile automotive repair company that she started with her husband, after his contract with the military ended.

Both are still pursuing that business and finishing up Melissa’s contract in the military, Melissa and her husband started their third business, which is the business she currently runs. Shortly, after her contract with the Military ended and she became a real estate agent, which she considers her fourth business.

About a year ago she brought her family back to Southern California, from Northern Virginia.

Upon returning to California Melissa began doing freelance work for startups and small businesses.

Melissa performs contracted work for these types of businesses and help them with things such as: mentorship, strategic goal setting, action plans, basic human resource functions, and ensuring they are aware of and adhering to State and Federal laws. In short, she sets them up for success and motivates them.

She has run or operated her current business, which is an MLM business, since 2012.

Professionally Melissa has assisted companies of all sizes with foundational set up, brand expansion and endorsement.

She has actively launched and managed profit-driven sales presentations for targeted business development intended to drive immediate financial results.

Melissa is passionate about impacting people, helping them reach their goals, and changing lives.

She has over 10 years of mentorship experience, which began during her enlistment in the Military.

Some Skills that a Members can learn from Melissa:

• How to embrace change.
• How to fail forward to victory.
• How to utilize the power of the spoken word.
• How to identify their personal set of values.
• How to implement principles and values daily.
• How to incorporate their business into their life.
• How to break traditional thinking by thinking outside the box.
• How to make small changes that will compound to major results.

Two of the most influential books Melissa has read, and continue to reread, are Jeff Olsen's Slight Edge theory and Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrant.

Melissa is a successful businesswoman and ready to share their knowledge and help millions of people achieve a better life style.

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